Remove ghost follower, increase engagement and grow 5x faster on IG.

Use our A.I based software to detect unwanted ghost follower within seconds, remove them automatically and increase your engagement rate naturally. This will boost your organic reach and growth up to 5x organically. 

Why Ghost Follower App?

Features & Functions

Ghost Follower App is the leading software when it comes to improving your Instagram growth via ghost follower removal. Here is why:

Intelligent A.I

Our service is A.I based which mimics human behaviour in an intelligent way.

12 accurate filters

The reason why Ghost Follower App is so accurate is because of 12 different filters that can be set.

Instagram friendly APIs

Our service is Instagram friendly and goes with the TOS as well as the legally provided APIs.

Easy of Use

Our platform is very simple to use. On desktop as well as on all mobile devices.

What can be expected?


By removing inactive accounts aka ghost followers you automatically increase your engagement rate which leads to greater exposure and reach.

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more engagement
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more overall reach
What is the process?

Clean up your IG in 4 steps

This is definitely no rocket science. The whole process only takes 4 simple steps.

Add IG Account

Add your Instagram Account you want to use.

Set Filters

Set the desired filters and ranges you feel good with.

Run Detection

The software will scan all your followers.

Remove Ghosts

Let the A.I do its job and naturally remove ghosts.


Are you ready?

Ready to grow faster and more efficient than ever before.

How much is it?

Pricing Plans

Here are our 3 competitive pricing plans we offer.

Micro Influencer

0-50k Follower


Makro Influencer

0-250k Follower


Global Influencer

+250k Follower


What are you waiting for?

Get started today, clean up your inactive followers and grow faster organically on Instagram.